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Beyond The Pale - The Art of Revolution

Beyond the Pale: The art of Revolution is an exhibition curated by Anthony Haughey, Pat Cooke and Aoife Ruane. 
The exhibition offers a contemporary reflection on The Easter Rising of 1916, perhaps the most critical event in the shaping of Ireland’s modern history.

The exhibition consists of three elements. The first is a series of historical photographs depicting lesser known people and places associated with The Easter Rising, alongside a series of Home Rule and anti-Home Rule supporters archival posters reflecting the tensions leading up to The Rising. The second is an exhibition of contemporary artworks by major national and international artists including Cecily Brennan, John Byrne, Brian Cregan, Dorothy Cross, Mark Garry, Ori Gherst and Michael McLoughlin, and the third element is a series of commissioned essays by some of Ireland's leading critical commentators, including Fionna Barber, Justin Carville and Luke Gibbons.

The show runs from 25th Apr 2016 - 25th Jun 2016.

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